These are Ysgol Aberconwy’s policies on the following:

We aim to help students to continue their bilingual development. This enables students to consolidate their comprehension and grasp of the language for their personal enrichment and for the enhancement of their employment opportunities.

All students study Welsh to the end of Year 11 and are entered for the appropriate examination at the end of the course. Ysgol Aberconwy students achieve to a high standard in GCSE examinations in Welsh as a second language.

A bilingual policy will be followed:

  • in all official correspondence
  • in headings on all official notice boards
  • in school documentation
  • on all official signs
  • at morning assemblies
  • in initial responses to the public, both over the telephone and at meetings

Departments and staff are urged to use bilingual headings on notice boards etc.

Welsh as a second language will be taught to all students during compulsory schooling. Special arrangements will be made to assist newcomers to the area in their learning of the language.

Members of staff are urged to use the Welsh language in general, one to one ‘social’ conversations with students, where possible.

The school’s sex education programme aims to fulfil the purposes of the 1996 Education Act, as set out in Circular 45/94. Sex education is undertaken in order to:

  • provide knowledge about loving relationships, the nature of sexuality and the processes of human reproduction
  • prepare students to view their relationships in a responsible and healthy manner, set within a framework of values and an awareness of the law
  • help students to recognise the physical, emotional and moral implications and risks of certain types of behaviour
  • Encourage students to appreciate the value of stable family life, marriage, the responsibilities of parenthood and the need to behave responsibly
  • Understand the benefits of accessing different sources of information, support and advice

All students will take part in Ysgol Aberconwy’s sex education programme at various points during their time at school.

Equal opportunity is important, because without it schools fail to do justice to students or staff. It is fundamental to the purposes and work of a comprehensive school.

The purposes of the policy for students are to promote:

  • to promote equal opportunity for learning
  • participation in the life of the school
  • attainment.

The school endorses the County policy on Equal Opportunity.

The school will undertake the following monitoring and research in pursuit of equality of opportunity for students:

  • analysis of prior attainment data on entry
  • analysis of interim report grade distribution
  • evaluation of external examination results

The school will respond to issues raised by this analysis by planning staff training and by reviewing the organisation of teaching groups.

The school will monitor the provision and accessibility of extra-curricular activities for students.

The school admits students in accordance with the admissions policy of Conwy County Borough.

The policy states the following in respect of admissions criteria: in circumstances where the number of applications exceed the standard number, the Authority will consider the following criteria in the order listed:

  1. The LEA will maintain the links between certain infants and junior school, and between certain junior or primary schools and certain secondary schools.
  2. The LEA will consider the special educational needs of children (including those in respect of whom statements have been made under Section 7 of the Education Act 1981) and other special circumstances including medical or social needs.
  3. The LEA will allow younger brothers or sisters to follow older ones to the school the older child attends.
  4. Proximity of the child’s home to the school for which a preference has been expressed. The LEA will ensure, as far as possible, that a place will be offered at the child’s nearest appropriate school. In implementing this criterion, account will also be taken of transport arrangements and any potentially hazardous route between home and school.

The Well-being Policy is written in line with Appetite for Life and Welsh Assembly Government Legislation, to promote and sustain a holistic approach to active lifestyles, nutrition and general well-being throughout and beyond the school day.

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