Examinations and Testing

Numeracy & Literacy Exams

All students in Years 7-11 sit examinations as appropriate. In Year 11 all students sit mock examinations during the Autumn Term. The school prepares all students to enter for public examinations. See more information for parents & carers from the Welsh Government here

Exams Years 10 – 13

If a student has studied a subject and been entered on an examination, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure they attend school and sit it. Should a student miss the examination without a justifiable reason (agreed by the Headteacher) the entry fee must be paid by the parent.

Public Examinations

Last year’s results are distributed when the Government Tables of Examinations results are published. Each year the majority of our Year 13 students continue their studies at Universities and Colleges of Further Education.

Please see our Examination Information Booklet for more information

We realise that the current circumstances around GCSE, AS and A Level results will be causing students and their parents significant anxiety at the moment, and so we want to try and keep you up to date with developments as they occur.

Please check back here regularly to see if there have been any changes to the current situation.

As this is a rapidly evolving situation, please click here to access the most up to date information from the Welsh Government, WJEC and our other partners in education regarding school closures and examinations.

To red all of the latest correspondence from Qualifications Wales regarding examinations click here.

Please see the latest information from Qualifications Wales here or read their Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to see the Qualifications Wales Guide Summer Guide to Exams 2021

Covers the following subjects/courses:


· AS Levels

· A2 levels

· Welsh Baccalaureate

Click here to see the Ofqual Student Guide to Awarding Summer 2021

Covers the following subjects/courses:

Level 2:

· WJEC Vocational Construction

· BTEC Performing Arts

· BTEC Skills and Activities for Sport and Active Leisure (Outdoor Education)

· BTEC Creative Media Production

Level 3:

· WJEC Eduqas – A Level Film Studies

· OCR – Health & Social Care

· WJEC Applied Business and Medical Science – Certificate and Diploma

Click here to see the Pearson BTEC Level 3 Guidance

Covers the following subjects/courses:

BTEC Level 3 qualifications

Year 12:

· Applied Law Certificate. (National Extended Certificate in Year 13)

· Public Services Subsidiary Diploma (at Ysgol Bryn Eilian) (Diploma in Year 13)

Year 13:

· Music

· Performance

· Skills and Activities for Sport and Active Leisure (Outdoor Education)

· Public Services

· Creative Media Production

· Engineering

· Sport

· Information Technology

· Sports and Exercise Sciences

Ofqual regulated qualifications. 

If you study the following subjects, these follow a different system for appeals than subjects regulated by Qualifications Wales. 

You did not receive a provisional grade in June. 

The process for querying a grade is set out in the documents below along with the timescales to do so. 

It is important to stress that the only reasons for you to ask for a review of your grade in a subject are: 

  • Administrative error by the centre 
  • Procedural error by the centre 

You cannot disagree with a grade just because you want a higher grade. 


Vocational Construction – year 11 

Applied Business Certificate – year 12 

Applied Medical Science Certificate – year 12 

Applied Business Diploma – year 13 


Film Studies – year 13  


Level 1 and 2 

Level 3 

OCR Cambridge Technical: 

Health & Social Care – year 13 

Important information for students

Key Dates

Stage 1 Centre Review form

WJEC General qualifications. 

If you study the following subjects, you were given your grades in June 2021 as ‘Provisional’.  

For those students who requested their LDMRs (Learner Decision Making Record/s) and asked for a Centre Review of a grade, you can follow the information below for Stage 2 of the Appeals process, if appropriate, following the August results day.  

If you did not request a Centre Review in June you should contact the Examinations Officer (Wendy Baxter): wendy.baxter@aberconwy.conwy.sch.uk), only if the WJEC grade for a subject is different to the ‘Provisional’ grade you received in June.  



AS levels 

A levels 

Welsh Baccalaureate Skills Challenge Certificate 

Centre Reviews and Appeals 

Key Dates 

Stage 2 Appeal form 

If you are unhappy with your grades, find out what you can do about it here.

Click here for more information about the appeals process.

A levels results will be published on 10 August and GCSE results on 12 August. 

The results sheets you receive on Results Day are NOT your actual certificates.

If you have any queries about your results, please contact your subject teacher as soon as possible.

Collection dates for GCSE and A Level certificates will be posted on this website. When applicable, collections can be made from the school reception from this date during term-time mornings only please.

Collecting Examination Certificates 

BTEC, GCSE, AS level and A Level certificates can be collected from the school reception, Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm during term time. 

Students can collect their certificates in person or nominate somebody to collect their certificates on their behalf. All certificates will need to be signed for. 

Under regulations, we are authorised to keep certificates for a minimum of 12 months from the date of issue. After 12 months, any unclaimed certificates can then be destroyed in a confidential manner.  We have certificates from 2017 onwards.  

Certificates are valuable documents as they are the official record of exam results and should be looked after very carefully. The school cannot provide replacements if they are lost; you must request replacements from the exam boards directly, for which they charge a fee. 

Please contact the Examination Officer:  wendy.baxter@aberconwy.conwy.sch.uk if you need to check that we have your certificates or for information on qualifications for previous years. 

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