Examination Support

Here you will find some information that will help your child with their revision. We understand how important it is to support your child during their examinations, so we have created this page, full of resources, to help you.

Please use the tabs below to access some useful revision tools including online revision resources from the Welsh Government, WJEC and Ysgol Aberconwy.

Should you have any revision questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Head of Year or the Year Group Mentor.

Wellbeing Advice for Students

Remember it is completely normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed by exams and that you are not alone, lots of students all over the country will be feeling the same! You will find some useful tips on how to deal with exam stress and revision on the following websites:

Please speak to your form tutors or mentors if you feel you need some extra support.

The websites linked below provide useful information that can help support you as you revise for your GCSE’s:

When you’re busy revising and thinking about your exams, it’s easy to forget about eating healthily and to just reach for the nearest piece of food. Eating properly is just as important as revising properly. It can actually help you to revise better. Like revision, eating healthily should start well before your exam but – also like revision – it’s never too late to start!

Download these good exam nutrition tips.


Revision Support Resources

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