Siarter Iaith Poster Competition

The school has started on its journey to the Siarter Iaith (Welsh Language Charter) Bronze Award. The Siarter Iaith is a National Award awarded to schools in Wales to congratulate schools on their use of Welsh.  One resource needed in order to achieve the Siarter Iaith Bronze Award was some engaging posters to encourage staff and students to use their Welsh skills around school. 

Students from all years were therefore invited to enter an art competition to design the best poster promoting different types of Welsh phrases and messages. The Welsh department received lots of fantastic entries but eventually decided on the following three worthy winners.

Congratulations to Daniel in 8LLC who won first place with this colourful design:

Second place was awarded to Amelia in 9DC for her Welsh dragon image:

And Jensen in 7HM took third place with this inspiring design:

Well done to all those who took part, all the best posters will be displayed around the school for all to see!