Supporting Wellbeing

As a school, we take the health and the well-being of all our staff, students and families very seriously.  We are committed to providing experiences for all stakeholders which improve their understanding and their ability to develop and improve their own wellbeing.

On this page you will find a variety of resources that you might find helpful – we will add to these as we respond to particular circumstances and situations, so please check back for updates.

Click on each link to access resources

Care FirstThe Mental Health Foundation Resources to use yourself or with your family
Free to download from TES 
Red Cross
Calendar of Kindness Activities
NHS Guidance: Mental well-being while staying at homeNourish Community
The Online Community for ethical women in education
Free for teachers – this app teaches mindfulness meditation principles to improve wellbeing.
Mental Health Stress Container Exercise
Identify causes of stress and personal helpful coping strategies
Advice from Mind with coping with stress and anxiety including a wellbeing checklist to follow and what you can do at home to help

Click on each link to access resources:

The Education Support Partnership.Lightening the responsibilities of Leaders
Excellent blog by Emma Turner  (@Emma_Turner75)
World Mental Health Day:
we reduced sick days and staff turnover through action on teacher wellbeing
DFE Teaching Blog
National Academy
A series of blogs and other information written by Educational Leaders for Educational Leaders
Supporting Wellbeing