Modern Foreign Language (MFL)

Modern foreign language learning increases critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of mind in young children: skills which are transferable to other subjects and walks of life.  It also supports an understanding of living in a multi-cultural society, provides an insight into other cultures and encourages children to become more curious about the wider world.

In year 7 you will learn either German or French, and which language you do will depend on which tutor group you are in. You will remain with the same language until the end of year 9 when you can choose to continue or end your foreign language-learning journey. However, in year 8, you will do a world languages unit in which you will get a taster of three other languages including French or German, Spanish and Mandarin.

We are also only one of nineteen schools in Wales to have Confucius Classroom status. We offer Mandarin as an extra-curricular subject from beginner’s level upwards. These lessons are delivered by an expert Chinese teacher who is sent to us from the Confucius Institute.

We offer the choice of three languages at GCSE, French, German and Spanish.

The GCSE French and German courses build on what you learn at Key Stage 3 through topics such as youth culture, lifestyle, customs & traditions, home & locality, global sustainability, the wider world and education/future employment. You are advised to continue with the language you have studied previously. Spanish, however, is a two-year course taught from scratch therefore no prior learning is required. You may choose to study more than one language. Assessment is 100% exam and covers all four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

For more information about these courses, please take a look at our Year 9 Options Booklet.