More Able and Talented (MAT/SEREN)

At Ysgol Aberconwy we pride ourselves in differentiating the curriculum and the extra-curricular opportunities we offer to meet the needs of all our students, including the more able and talented (MAT). We believe all of the students with A*/A global grades come under the banner of MAT and aim to stretch and challenge these students in all of their curriculum provision with our ‘Excellence’ standard Learning Plans. As well as classroom provision, subjects across the school provide extra-curricular opportunities such as Sports and Language Ambassadors, Maths Challenge and STEM Techniquest activities to enrich and challenge the most able. On top of this, we have the cross-curricular opportunities provided, for example, by the annual school musical and National Theatre competitions. We aim to offer a breadth of opportunity so that all MAT students have the opportunity to excel and to engage in new and exciting experiences.

The Welsh Government also provide a programme of extra-curricular opportunities for a smaller group of MAT students in each year group from 8 to 13. This is known as the Seren Network. At least twice every year the Seren students will be offered the opportunity to work together with other Seren students from across Conwy and Denbighshire on a range of activities including how to study effectively, how to communicate well, exam busting and maintaining wellbeing.

At Sixth Form level the variety of opportunities offered to the Seren students is vast and is aimed at encouraging the students to aim for the best universities and most challenging courses. Support is offered with making university choices, the UCAS application process and preparing for interview. There is a full two year programme run by Glan Clwyd hospital for any sixth form Seren students considering Health and Medicine related courses which is outstanding and has so far resulted in all of the students gaining interviews and offers for Medicine. Finally, there is an annual calendar of extra-curricular enrichment that provides students with breadth to their understanding of a full range of subjects from Astrophysics to Structural Engineering.

Details of all opportunities for MAT and Seren students will be available to the students through TEAMS and will be posted regularly on the student bulletin. To find out more please click here to read the Seren prospectus. Please use the following links to see the 2022-23 Foundation Programme for years 8 – 11 or the 2022-23 Programme for years 12 & 13.

If you have any questions please contact Mrs Lesley Sewell (MAT coordinator)