Education is changing in Wales.

The mission in Wales is to raise standards, raise the attainment of all children and ensure we have an education system that is a source of national pride and public confidence.

What is changing?

The biggest change is a new curriculum for schools and funded non-maintained settings (such as sessional day care settings like play groups and cylchoedd meithrin or private day nurseries registered to deliver education) in Wales from September 2022. It will affect all schools other than independent schools. The curriculum has been made in Wales but shaped by the best ideas from around the world.

There will also be changes to improve how we assess children and young people in education, teacher and practitioner training and accountability. These improvements will complement the new curriculum.

Why must we make these changes?

Evidence from international surveys, and evaluations from Estyn (the education and training inspectorate for Wales), suggest levels of achievement are not as high as they could be. 

The national curriculum was first introduced in 1988 before on-line shopping, Google and the Cloud. Now, work is different, technology is different, society is changing. The curriculum must prepare young people to thrive in a future where digital skills, adaptability and creativity – alongside knowledge – are crucial, especially as:

Since it was created, the curriculum has become narrow, inflexible and crowded, limiting creative approaches in schools.

We want children to enjoy learning, and develop skills, knowledge and emotional resilience.  By the age of 16, they should be confident, ethical individuals who play an active part in their community and society. They should be prepared to thrive in the new world of work.

When will it happen?

The new curriculum will be taught in all schools and funded non-maintained settings up to Year 7 from September 2022. It will then roll out year by year until it includes Year 11 by 2026.

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Currently our school curriculum is divided into three stages through ages 11-18 (National Curriculum Years 7 to 13).

We have five lessons per day, each of 60 minutes duration. There are 25 lessons in the week.

Our curriculum meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and incorporates policies of the Governing Body and the Conwy Education Authority. Copies of National Curriculum Orders, school policies, and the curriculum statement of Conwy County Borough Education Authority are available for inspection at the school.

Key Stage 3

The curriculum for these years is common to all students. It builds on learning undertaken in Key Stage 2 in partner primary schools and further develops the knowledge and skills required for study at Key Stage 4 and beyond.

All students in years 9 study English, Maths, Science, Welsh, Design Technology, a Modern Foreign Language, The Arts, Physical Education, History, Geography, Religious Education, Information Technology.

Key Stage 4

All students continue to follow the core National Curriculum working towards qualifications in English (Language & Literature), Mathematics & Mathematic Numeracy, Science (double), Welsh 1st or 2nd language, Physical Education, Religious Education. They also have the opportunity to choose a number of additional courses to study.  To see the current list of optional subjects available, please have a look at our Year 9 Options booklet.


A large proportion of Year 11 students return to the Ysgol Aberconwy Sixth Form to undertake one or two year courses. The majority undertake courses which lead to four A level subjects. An extensive range of courses are offered, including subjects in collaboration with other providers within Conwy. 

Please see the Sixth Form Prospectus and the Linc Course Prospectus for more information about the courses available.