Wild Oyster Project

The Geography Department were very fortunate to be able to invite marine biologist Rhianna Parry from Bangor University’s School of Ocean Sciences to deliver a talk to pupils informing them of the Wild Oyster Project in Conwy Bay.

Students learnt some amazing oyster facts, their importance to both local and global ecosystems, reasons for their recent decline and how we can help. Linking to our curriculum in both Science and Geography, students could link their knowledge of ecosystems, food webs and conservation in a real world context, to a project on our very own doorstep.

They also learnt about the exciting seabed restoration activities taking place in the Conwy Bay. The project aims to create a reef of 75m x 100m using 650 tonnes of local limestone gravel, 97 tonnes of Scallop shells and 50 tonnes of cockle shell. With oyster deployment planned for early 2025 releasing 10,000 adult and juvenile oysters onto the site.

To learn more about this amazing project and how you can get involved, please visit https://wild-oysters.org/conwy-bay/

Rhianna Parry 
Bangor University’s School of Ocean Sciences