A Play at the Pontio Theatre

During the afternoon of Tuesday 30th April our Welsh A Level students, along with students from year 7 and 8, went to see the play ‘Deian a Loli – Y Ribidirew Ola’’ at the Pontio Theatre in Bangor.

This is the first time for the ‘Deian a Loli’ Television programme to have a live production on a stage.
It’s Deian and Loli’s first day at ‘big school’! Deian is really excited but Loli doesn’t want to go. On top of everything, the car keys are missing and Loli insists that their imaginary friend has stolen them. Deian realises that he has little choice but to join Loli to say the magic word, and freeze their parents – chasing the missing keys on the biggest adventure of their lives!

The play was a lot of fun and a great way to practice some Welsh listening skills, everyone had a lovely time!