Reunion Island Visit

Ysgol Aberconwy recently had some very special guests come into school for a visit. Staff and students from a high school in Reunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean, spent the morning with us.

The 35 students and 3 teachers, who were on a day trip to Conwy during a 2 week visit at an international school in Chester, were given a guided tour of the school. The students were shocked and a little jealous to discover that we deliver food technology and woodwork lessons in mainstream education.  In Reunion, they have to go to a vocational school for this.

They also spent time getting to know and interacting with some of our French learners from years 7 and 11 before having their very first Welsh lesson! They then spent the afternoon exploring Conwy town and visiting the castle.

Although it was a nice day, the teachers commented on how cold it is here. The coldest temperatures they experience in Reunion is about 22 degrees apparently! 

We hope that they have a wonderful time during the rest of their stay in the UK and we wish them a safe journey home.