Celebrating Chinese New Year

Ysgol Aberconwy students enjoyed live Chinese New Year celebrations for the first time since 2019! During the last few years, students have had the opportunity to celebrate the Lunar New Year new year via online sessions provided by Cardiff Confucius Institute’s tutors. However, from the 23rd January, we enjoyed a week of cross-curricular sessions within the classroom. KS3 students attended their usual lessons but with a Chinese theme. Activities included Chinese calligraphy, learning Mandarin, paper cutting, origami rabbits, calculating Chinese currency, tai chi, cooking egg fried rice, creative writing, lantern making, learning about the Terracotta army, the geography of China and the survival of pandas.

We were delighted to be able to celebrate with our current Chinese Teacher, Mr Zigeng He. We were also very fortunate to have Miss Qi Zhang visit us from Ysgol Eirias. Both teachers shared their expertise and knowledge with students, delivering sessions in tai chi, origami and paper cutting.

Zayna Benbattouche and Max O’ Donnell in year 7 and Ethan Walker, year 8 delivered a week of assemblies highlighting the key facts and the importance of celebrating this Chinese festival. All three students did themselves proud by committing to these assemblies for an entire week, and managing to stand in front of a different year group each day.

A Zodiac Rabbit Arts competition was held for all Key Stages as well as a Chinese New year puzzle. Congratulations to all our competition winners!