Marvellous at Mandarin

Congratulations to Olivia in year 8 and Nell in year 10, who have both earned qualifications in WJEC QCF Mandarin.

Olivia began attending weekly Mandarin lessons when she was in year 7, and in April 2022, her teacher Jie Chen decided she was ready to sit her first exam. Olivia achieved a Pass in Spoken Mandarin Entry 3.

Nell has been studying Mandarin for just over 2 years with a large proportion of her study completed online during the Covid pandemic. Nell sat her exam in April and achieved a Pass in the Spoken Mandarin Level 1 award.

Languages teacher, Nia Williams said, “We are very proud of their commitment and achievements, particularly considering both girls have been attending lessons after school. We hope they will continue to enjoy their studies in Mandarin and wish them luck with any future exams.”