Don’t Mind the Weeds

Five students have been working afterschool with local ceramic artist Joanna Duncalf on the theme ‘Don’t mind the weeds we feed the bees.’

Students, Aleena, Olivia, Erin-Mae, Ivan, and Georgie from year 8, took part in a 10-week wellbeing workshop on a Tuesday evening where they developed their initial ideas and designs before starting their compositions on a 30cm square clay tile. 

Students rolled out the clay and transferred their designs on to it, adding depth and intricacy by layering on more clay and scribing into it.

Beautiful as the designs are already, the students plan to add colour to their tiles using coloured glazes. They will then add a layer of clear glaze over the top before the pieces are finally finished and fired in the kiln.

Mrs Karen Griffiths, Head of Art said, “This has been a fantastic opportunity for students to work with a local artist, they have thoroughly enjoyed saving the bees.”