Cable Street Connections

On Saturday, some of our performing arts students took a trip to Aberystwyth University to perform the National Theatre production of Cable Street at the Connections festival.

Cast members were given a tour of the university campus, took part in Drama workshops and technical rehearsals throughout the day and had the chance to mingle with students from Powys and Aberystwyth who were also performing in the festival.

Miss Grimward said, “I think we all enjoyed meeting members of the other groups but we felt particularly honoured to be chaperoned by previous Aberconwy student and member of our Connections cast, Mia Cannon, who has now completed her degree at the university and was taking part in an internship”.

During the evening of the festival our students put on a fantastic performance of Cable Street in the Arts Centre and had the opportunity to watch students from Powys and Aberystwyth perform their productions too.

Poppy, a year 13 student and cast member said, “The entire experience was really fun. The Aberystwyth team were so accommodating and both the other groups were amazing. We enjoyed the chance to socialise with the other groups at lunch and after the shows.”