Crossing the Bridge for Welsh Language Awards

Ysgol Aberconwy has started a system in order to challenge and award teachers and departments, mentors, teaching assistants and administrative staff to use the Welsh language in their everyday work, in lessons and to encourage students to use their Welsh skills outside their Welsh lessons.

The new system’s objective is to provide a framework to promote and increase the use of Welsh amongst staff and students. It meets the requirements of Conwy policies: ‘Welsh in Education Strategic Plan’, ‘A Strategy for Promoting the Welsh Language’, Conwy County Council’s Welsh Language Standards which will contribute towards reaching the target of a million Welsh speakers by 2050.

There are three awards, which include challenging but attainable targets for each department. We use local landmarks as a symbol to reaching each goal: Croesi’r Bont i Wobr Efydd (Crossing the Bridge to a Bronze Award; Esgyn y Grisiau i Wobr Arian (Ascending the Stairs to a Silver Award) and Dringo’r Mynydd i Wobr Aur (Climbing the Mountain to a Gold Award). Students from years 7-13 Cyngor Iaith (Language Council) monitor each department’s progress.

Since the Art Department’s recent success, more departments have been assessed on their use of the Welsh language in classrooms and join the staff of the Art Department in successfully meeting the targets for the Croesi’r Bont i Wobr Efydd award as part of the Gwobr Iaith Adrannol (Welsh Language Departmental Awards).

Congratulations go to Mrs Sioned Williams, Mrs Luned Parry, Miss Elen Williams, Mrs Catrin Jones, Mr Mark Thomas and Miss Megan Elias in the Welsh Department on their progress with the Croesi’r Bont i Wobr Efydd award. Here they are receiving their prize from Year 8 members of the Cyngor Iaith.

Congratulations to Mrs Stella Edwards in the Library, named Y Copa, on her progress with the Croesi’r Bont i Wobr Efydd award. Y Copa is half way over the bridge! Here she is receiving her prize from Year 7 members of the Cyngor Iaith.

Congratulations also to the staff in the Design and Technology Department, who have been recently assessed and have met the targets for the award but are yet to receive their prize.

Mrs Luned Parry, Bilingualism Co-ordinator said, “I would like to congratulate all the departments that have reached half way to Croesi’r Bont i Wobr Efydd. You have worked hard and are doing a wonderful job of promoting the Welsh language at Ysgol Aberconwy and in using the language every day. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Cyngor Iaith members, who have worked so hard to monitor all of the departments. You are great! Thank you so much!”.